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Multimedia is any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation and video. It is a richly presented sensation. When sensual elements of multimedia such as dazzling pictures and animations, engaging sounds, compelling video clips and raw textual elements are woven together, the thought and action centers of people’s minds can be electrified. Moreover when interactive control is provided over the process, it can be enchanting.

Acetech use the state of art technology to succeed in its pursuit to attain excellence in the field of education and training, hence it abstains not from the use of multimedia presentations. Multimedia presentation is one amongst the gamut of services offered.

Why Multimedia Presentation?

Multimedia presentations are used mainly for promotional campaigns. They are also used to visualize a concept that would leave a vague impression if spoken of in mere words. Moreover multimedia presentations can be used to give corporate presentations, corporate training and other related packages.

The main advantage of multimedia presentation is that of its reach. It can reach a vast audience in exactly the way it is intended to reach. Users can also get a feel of whatever is being explained about.


The steps involved in the development of a multimedia presentation are as listed:
  • Concept validity.

  • Technology dependence.

  • Content Availability.

  • Tool selection.

  • Authoring.

  • Testing.

  • Delivery.
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