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Acetech Innovative Media Solutions (Acetech) is a burgeoning group that uses state-of-the-art IT practices to develop and deliver quality products and services. Its founding was based on the understanding that the problems in training people, viable technology and commercializing products in a global market could be resolved through the best use of information technology.

Acetech is a global provider of effective solutions in Training, Technology and Media. Our development centers are based in India and US. This allows us to tap from a pool of highly skilled, IT professionals thereby allowing us to deliver top quality IT solutions to our clients on a cost basis significantly lower than that of our competitors.

Academic astuteness, workplace professionalism, and constantly updated in-house training and learning practices have laid the foundation for Acetech growing into a world-class organization. Moreover the advantage of time difference between its base and Europe or America helps Acetech offer accelerated delivery times.

The ability of Acetech to diagnose, design, develop and deliver - products and services focused on customer requirements offer it an edge over other companies and enables it to maximize the returns on its investments.

Acetech is a house of professionals with vast experience in the areas of Technology Assisted Learning rendered via use of multimedia. We thrive on challenges and love problem solving. We believe in opportunities created by word of mouth commendation. Once assigned projects, we take the long-term view and work hard so as to achieve repeat businesses from that very same client.

Our team banks on the acquisition of qualities and emphasizes on the need for imparting knowledge and skills through informed discussion and idea generation. The exposition of this philosophy of all-round contribution compels or drives the team towards efficiency. It is this efficiency-oriented culture that helps Acetech deliver a consistent and stable service of high quality.
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