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Since inception, our endeavor at Acetech has been to become an organization of excellence. We believe in, and practice excellence. Our people processes aptly hone our passion for excellence. We have formulated practices geared towards providing our associates with terrific work environment, unlimited scope for personal growth, tremendous learning opportunities, opportunities to work in cutting edge technologies and excellent rewards. The demands of our clients will make each day of your life a new experience wherein you acquire new skills and become more knowledgeable.

We are focused on customer satisfaction and hence require that our associates be:
  • Disciplined

  • Confident enough to provide leadership and direction to customers

  • Precise in planning, executing and delivering projects as per schedule

  • Conscientious in making and meeting commitments

  • Team players who place company interests before personal aspirations

  • The very best they can be

We believe in keeping abreast of changing times. We recognize potential and offer opportunities for individual growth and overall development. Our training modules have been developed to serve the specific needs of individual employees at different stages of development in the organization. Moreover, these modules are designed to update our employees’ skills and give them the right orientation and the right customer alignment so they can get going at the workplace. We do not only concentrate in technical talents but also try and bring out the leader in our associates. The different types of induction training we offer include CD based training and web based training, both of which allow the employees to set their own pace, and class room based training. Manager training programs are also available to equip first time and experienced managers with the training necessary to run large teams.
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